GenII Mini Auto-Everything and Stealth Accessory Control

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    We've tested the prototype (ugly home built unit, way too large and soldered by hand).
    • Auto Sport Mode tested and working!
    • Aux accessory control tested and working! this is really cool! two quick taps on the button turn the accessory channel on or off. Since the DSC system takes slightly longer taps to trigger, the DSC system doesn't even toggle state! I was surprised how much I like this feature.... This feature alone would really complete a stealth radar detector installation, as just one example. You could also use it to arm water/meth injection or a nitrous kit.
    • Power On LED sequece (there are three LEDs that indicate channel setting status). When the car is turned on, they light up in sequence, then all flash twice, I think.... Looks cool. Also gives you visual feedback so that you can test during installation to make sure everything is working right.
    • We've selected pluggable wiring headers to connect the unit. There's a five wire header for the power, ground and three button channels, and a separate five wire header for accessories. Power, ground and enable for each of the three channels. If you don't want to use the accessory channels, just don't install the header for a much cleaner installation.
    • We've done the full surface mount board layout and full componenet selection.
    • The unit is firmware upgradeable. We can reprogram the unit in case new features or automotive modes are introduced in the future (like the eDiff stuff). This means the unit will never really become obsolete!
    What's left to do:
    • DSC system timing and programming. I've only got a 08 Clubman, so we have to find a willing JCW/eDiff owner to help us close this last bit.
    We'll be ordering parts and going to production while we finish up the eDiff mode programming. Things are looking really good on this end! It's not to late to lock in your pre-production price point. Retail is looking like it will be $55-$60, but if you get a refundable $50 deposite into [email protected] via paypal, this will guarantee you a unit out of the first production run, and will include shipping (and sales tax in CA). Just put Auto-Everything in the notes field when you submit your deposit.

    Matt & Guenter, your FES Auto team.

    ps, I was thinking about this some more I really, really dig the accessory contol. One of the features in the module is that you can quickly tap any of the buttons in front of the shifter to toggle relay control lines. "tap-tap" is all it takes to turn something on or off. The module has three channels (some lucky markets have three working buttons in the shift console), but for most US cars, only two would be hooked up.

    This means that if you want to add aftermarket fogs or a stealth radar detector or whatever, you can control the accessory from within the cabin without having to drill the dash to mount some button that doens't look "mini-ish".

    The module is undergoing final testing now, and will be available to ship in about a month.

    pps, now that I think about it, this will work on any car that has momentary contact switches that short the output to ground! heck, it would even work on the R50/52/53 or whatever chevy you happen to drive (if it has momentary buttons).

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