Good OBD-II Code Scanners at a Great Price!

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    Hi all, I get tons of questions that go like "My check engine light is on and the car is doing this. What's wrong?" If the symptom details are really, really good, I can make a good guess, but that's all it is, a guess. (Well, sometimes I'm even right!) Anyway, with modern cars the check engine light is the car saying "I have information for you, come and get it!" But to get it you have to have the right tools.

    For years, I've used an Innova tool that has served me very, very well. But it's old and doesn't support the CAN protocol used in the newer Minis (R55, R56 and R57... And all the rest yet to come). So I went to the Innova site to see what they had to offer. There are lots of versions, but the prices listed there can get pretty high.

    I found them on Amazon for a lot less and added them to my blog's aStore. Here's an example. Mini Mania is selling the Innova 3030 (basic unit) on sale for $99 and change. It's just $58 bucks on my aStore. The Innova 3130 (does what the 3030 does and a lot more, real time data stream, freeze frame data etc) retails for almost $350. It's less than $150 on my aStore!


    Anyway, here is a link to the scan tools section of the Innova site.

    And here's a link to the aStore on my blog!


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