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    Kids love to be as cool as their parents right!? Hook them up with a stylish ride they can drive!

    MINI JCW GO-KART MSRP $197.00 SALE PRICE $155.00!

    Check this item and others out on our site! You can click the link below or go to our "parts listed on Motoring Alliance" spot on our home page!

    If anyone can create that real Go-Kart feeling, it’s MINI. The JCW Go-Kart is suitable for children over 3 years who also want to experience a bit of the feeling that makes driving a MINI so special. The kart features a molded seat that can be adjusted to fit the size of the driver, a sporty steering wheel with integrated horn and a hand brake for added safety. It has a compact, resistant powder coated aluminum and steel frame with a MINI Wing Logo and JCW logo on the spoiler.

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    None of these great toys have a motor? I need something I can fit in that is self powered. :rolleyes::p

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