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    To keep these Fun Roads, Routes and Drives useful please follow these guidelines when creating a new entry.

    1. Look for the proper geographical area to post in. If the State, Province, Commonwealth or Country is not yet listed please just post in the main Fun Roads, Routes and Drives forum area. A staff member will create the proper area and move the thread, you will be notified when that happens.

    2. Title Format - Please Title the thread as follows:

    State Abbreviation - Drive Name - Major City/Region ​

    The titling is a work in progress, for the time being lets start with the above and we'll revisit from time to time to see how it is working.

    3. Include the Map! Please see How do I embed a Google Map in a post? for directions on using the GMAP code.

    4. Add notes, tell us what made the drive fun, what to look for and where to stop to see or do fun stuff.

    That's it....

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