GyMINIkhana 2011

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    GyMINIkhana? What's THAT? A traditional "gymkhana" is a fun, automotive "athletic" event involving driving cars through a set, fun course for times and prizes.

    PittStopMINI's signature GyMINIkhana event (our 5th annual!) takes that to a whole new level, and one that's even more fun, safer, and won't wear on your car!

    This is a day FULL of vehicle and driver dynamics training - with style. Have you ever slalomed your MINI? Learned what it (and you) can do in a safe environment, with professional Motoring Instructors helping you learn Vehicle Dynamics? And (optional), would you like to test your skills against the clock on a timed autocross? Learn to drive FUN - and celebrate Motor-tober with your MINI friends!

    Where: BeaveRun Motorsports Complex, Wampum, PA (north of PA Turnpike Exit 13)

    When: Sunday, October 23 starting at 8am. Club-only time is 8AM - 11AM, then MINI of Pittsburgh is ALSO hosting "The World's Best Test Drive In The World, Period!", which extends our joint event until the Steelers play at 4PM!

    Also included is breakfast (donuts/coffee) and lunch. Sign up via the PittStop MINI website (mandatory if you want to participate) to reserve your spot today.

    And a HUGE thank you to MINI of Pittsburgh for their continued support! Thanks to them, this event costs only $10/driver, with proceeds being donated to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Charities!

    GyMINIkhana 2011 - The Pittsburgh MINI Cooper Meetup Group (Pittsburgh, PA) - Meetup

    Register: Gyminikhana 2011 - PittStop MINI Club

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