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    It's been a while since I've done a product review. As my previous ones suggest, I am much more likely to try and save money even if it means doing something twice. My time isn't worth squat to me right now apparently.

    Today I am reviewing the Inner CV Boots that I found on Ebay, the seller is "partsmarvel". Here is the link at the time of posting.

    As far as price goes, these were the cheapest that I could find, and since I needed two I even got a quantity discount. Shipping was economy shipping so no speedy delivery here but everything arrived safe and sound. Each boot came with the boot, a couple c-clips (that I didn't use), a small CV Boot clamp and a large one and also each came with two bags of grease. They arrived in a Rein box so I am assuming they are REIN BKN0107R boots just sold through a 3rd party.

    There was still some grease in both sides so I was lucky that I didn't need new axles, which would've happened had the grease all leaked out and ruined the CV joint.

    These slipped right on after I went through 7 rolls of paper towels. They seem to be the same size as the old ones as you can see in the picture. There were two fitment issues I had, the first being that the smaller clamp was almost too small to fit the boot, it took me about 20 minutes to get it to clip on the farthest out hole in the clamp. Holds well after I got it tightened down though.

    The second issue was the larger clip seems to want to slip off the boot, I think this is due to the boot not having a deep enough groove to keep the clamp in place while tightening.

    Anyway these boots seem like they will work fine once I got the clamps situated, I spun the wheel a few times and they didn't move so far so good. Will update if any issues come up later. I'll be keeping an eye on these. I recommend getting outer boots as well if you are taking the axle out, I didn't think far enough ahead though.

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    Nice review! Thanks.

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