History: Fangio and Brabham 1978 (video)

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    No, that date is not a typo. This is from a support race ahead of the 1978 Australian GP at Sandown. I think it was intended as more of a historic demonstration run but for two of the drivers -- Fangio and Brabham -- it was definitely a race.

    Brabham drove his late-60s Repco Brabham and 66 year old Fangio drove a Mercedes W196 from the mid-50s. Fangio apparently said "I will not demonstrate it, I will race it." FWIW, the two cars left in the dust were a Maserati 300S (Bob Jones) and a Cooper (Bill Patterson).

    It's only a 4 lap race for 4 cars but the whole thing looks like highlight video from a longer race IMHO.....or maybe I just love watching those old wingless cars. ;)

    Enjoy, if you're a real racing buff this might be the best 8 minutes you'll spend on line today.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fbc5U6wTfUw]Fangio and Brabham 1978 - YouTube[/ame]
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    Man that was great to see a couple of master's flog their rides in anger.

    Thanks Steve!!!
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    Thanks Steve! Great find, made my day.

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