How do I unplug the Upstream 02 censor from the harness

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    For some of you that don't know I was given this Mini from a special buddy who passed away last month of cancer. The car only has 6800 miles and has had 3 oil/filter changes in that time.

    I am trying to unplug the upstream 02 censor from the harness on my 2010 Clubman S...which I can't see because it's under a metal bracket...from the harness to take it out. I'm taking off the factory turbo metal shield for a blanket.

    Also, when he had the car in Colorado it sat in the garage for long lengths of time, and on one of the few times he took it out it started smoking from under the hood...a mouse had built a nest on top of the valve cover and he hadn't noticed it...probably because he never opened the hood. Anyway I noticed that some of the wiring covers to the coils are melted away...I assume from the mouse nest sometime ago. Do you think this an issue that should be fixed?
    Thanks for your replies.

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    I can't help with the O2 plug but I would not worry about the covers.
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    The covers were probably chewed through by the mouse and not melted. Hopefully that's all the chewing he did in the car. :fingerscrossed:
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    It's just a clip. Pull up on the clip on the left side in the picture while pushing down the center part and pull up on the plug by the connector.

    3M electrical tape 33+ will fix that plastic loom that a mouse chewed.
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    Tape the rubber boots or replace them... You don't need rain water getting in through the grill or scoop and shorting out the high voltage supply going to the spark plugs.

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