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  1. Road Trip Specialist

    May 30, 2009
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    MOB "MINIs Occupy Branson", our 4th Annual Event!

    (Past events were to Rapid City, SD in 2009, Harrison, AR in 2010, Rapid City again in 2012, and now Branson, MO in 2012)

    HPMS: Where everyone is welcomed, but not everyone is invited!

    Welcome to the 4th Annual HPMS High Plain Motoring Society event, “MOB MINIs Occupy Bransonâ€. This event will be held on May 10, 11 and 12 2012 and we will be based at the Chateau on the Lake hotel, overlooking Table Rock Lake. Indoor and Outdoor parking are both free, and at no charge.

    Reservations opened on November 24, 2011. You will make your reservations directly with the hotel by calling 888-333-5253. Use the code “High Plains Motoring Society†when you give your check-in date. Your room rates are guaranteed and are discounted from the normal room rates. Unlike years past when we used Historical hotels, this year there was great demand for a family oriented hotel and that is what you will find. The COTL has many features for you to enjoy, including a SPA, Atrium Café and Wine Bar, Sweet Shoppe, Downstairs Deli and the Chateau Grille. The hotel offers guests a fitness club, tennis courts, swimming pool, golf courses nearby, and a Marina just down the hill. The indoor pool and hot tub are open around the clock. A car wash area will be arranged. There is a Crawdaddies Kids Club, and Outdoor Picture Garden overlooking the lake, and a large Atrium to enjoy.

    On Friday of your stay, HPMS has organized a “Moonlight MINI Dinner Cruise†on Table Rock Lake. We have reserved five (5) pontoon boats, each of which holds 12 persons. The cost of the cruise is $200 / 12 persons per boat or about $18 per head for the 3 hour cruise which includes fuel. This will be a pitch-in dinner so BYO food, beverage, and fun. Of course, we ask our guests to be discreet with the use of alcohol and each operator of the pontoon boats will be asked to remain alcohol-free for the evening. Watch our web site for sign up.

    Need website Access? PM me here with your Name, Phone and email and we will send you a LINK. The site is not visible to the public but it is available to you.

    Thanks, hope to see you in Branson!

    Jonathan Souza
    Former President, MINI5280.org
    Founder, MINIs in the Mountains

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