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    Using the app TapaTalk you can not only read and reply to posts in a slimmed down version of the site you can upload images right from your iPhone as an attachment.

    Tap on the "Open Advanced Options " bar.


    Select one of the following:
    • Camera will take a picture with your device to upload a picture from the camera.
    • Photo Album, use an image already on your device.
    • [jumpto="anchor3"]Image Link[/jumpto], add a link to an image to display the image in the post.



    Tap "Maximum (x.y KB)",to start the upload of a picture taken with the camera.


    Tap "Close Advanced Options" bar to go back and start creating your post.


    It takes only few seconds to upload, image will be re-sized to smaller resolution (if taken from camera) so to make the transfer faster.


    [aname="anchor3"]Image Link[/aname]

    Enter the URL of the image, Click OK.


    Image URL will be wrapped with the proper tags and inserted into the post. Tagged URL may be moved where desired within the post.


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