Important: Disney Hotel Commitment Poll - Deadline 1/31

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    The Mickey and MINI 8 Planning Team is already hard at work to put together the best-ever edition of this awesome event. We have the exciting possibility of moving Mickey and MINI back to Disney this year. This would allow us to be closer to the planned Disney events and have access to Disney facilities, transportation, and discount theme park tickets, as well as nicer rooms. The negotiations with Disney Groups look very promising, but we need to guarantee a minimum number of rooms. Here's where we need your help.

    To hold Mickey and MINI at a Disney moderate resort, we need a commitment from all of you to stay at least one night of the event at the host Disney resort hotel. If we can reach 100 room commitments for one of the nights, we will get the discount rate of $99 per night for the weekend (the normal rate is $189-$224). You could even invite your non-MINI family and friends to take advantage of this low price without having to be a part of the MINI events.

    Please vote in the poll and add your name(s) to the list if you would commit to staying at the Disney resort for $99 a night for at least one night of the weekend. Adding your name does not obligate you to stay, but please add your name only if you are very certain you will book a room.

    Important: Disney Hotel Commitment Poll - Deadline 1/31

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