JCW exhuast feeler!! make offer, sounds great!

Discussion in 'Classifieds Archive' started by Roosey, May 22, 2012.

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    currently on my car is a jcw exhaust with deleted resonator(still have the resonator and will be given to buyer). the resonator has a straight pipe welded in place of the old resonator. I'm looking to sell it to fund a custom exhaust setup i wanna do. im accepting any offers and i will trade with anyone who has a ireland engineering exhaust+cash or an alta single sided exhaust. the IE and alta catback is somewhat of the setup I'm going for. the exhaust sounds great on my car right now and i hate to get rid of it but i just want something new. tips are in great condition and so is the rest of the exhaust, welds on the resonator are not the best but ive had no problems with it, doesnt have any leaks, and functions properly.

    text me at 814-323-6142 if interested and i can send some pictures! i live in Erie PA and id rather locals because i'm not going to be shipping this thing for the price itll cost. GREAT LOOKING AND SOUNDING EXHAUst!
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    This set-up is just the way I've done mine. It sounds awesome...

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