July 27 !! 2013 MINI Rally for Charity - Relive the Italian Job Movie

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    Come spend the day with other MINI Cooper enthusiasts as we drive all across Los Angeles, and relive the story of the 2003 Italian Job Movie.


    The participants will work in teams of MINI's trying to win the briefcase of gold at each of 10 stops. Each car that wins an individual stop will be eligible for a chance to be the overall winner of the event, and can specify which charity (or charities) will receive the money we raise. The full list of charities is listed on the event website here.

    Please note: A GPS is highly recommended for this in city motoring event. If you have passengers that want to participate in our optional underground 'Metro', they can ride the metro from Hollywood to Union Station, where they will meet up with your MINI. (Cell Phones are recommended to be able to meet up with your passengers at Union Station.)

    MINI Rally for Charity Home Page

    If you want to watch the video made for 2009's event...IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE VIDEO: Remember that the dates in the video are wrong and this year the event is on Saturday, July 27th!!! Event Video (with WRONG DATE)

    Event Details

    Come have a great time, make new friends, all while helping others!

    And get your real fake bar of gold !


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