1st Gen R53 Cooper S Kill Switch

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    All of my cars I install a hidden kill switch. Since my son is heading back to Baylor this weekend, I thought I needed to install a kill switch on his MINI.

    The challenge of installing a kill switch is locating the best place to interrupt the starting or ignition circuit. The MINI is pretty easy to do. On the fuse panel by the driver's feet the 6th fuse down on the left is the EWS circuit which interrogates the key to see if it is correct. It is also the circuit that powers the clutch switch.


    I bought an inline fuse, rocker switch, wiring and connectors at my local AutoZone The wiring replaces the fuse so you have to use an inline fuse to protect the circuit. I ran the wiring under the dash to a rocker switch that I mounted under the kick panel.

    These blade connectors fit into the slots where the fuse is located:


    Here is a pic of the rocker switch:


    When you interrupt this particular circuit, make sure the switch is in the on position before you insert the key. This way the key interrogator will do its job properly.

    Hope this helps someone ! :Thumbsup:

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