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    Hi Everyone. This is your friendly reminder that this coming Tuesday will be the LAST Tommy's Pizza Mini meeting for the Year. We DO NOT have a meeting in December with all the holidays just around the corner. So if you need that one last Tommy's fixing of pizza then this is it.

    We will be talking about this past year events and what to expect for next year. I will not be able to have the video done from Mini 54 I do have all of the photos up on the COMO Facebook page. If you don't have Facebook then I will try to bring the internet to you on Tuesday. I do have some video done this past weekend COMO trip tp Grimes field. Its nothing to crazy but there was a little bit of excitement. You will have to show up to Tommy's to hear the story.

    All the trips this year was great. A few of us went to Mini 54, Watkins Glen vintage, Pittsburgh vintage, Put-in-bay vintage, Mid-Ohio vintage and some cars show thrown in. There were also some drives - Lehman's Hardware, Grimes Field, Brewery Tour, Riverrun, and a few others.

    There are a few events that will be a must go in 2014 -Mid-Ohio Vintage, Pittsburgh Vintage, Put-in-bay and that's just a few.

    If you missed any of this stuff then you didn't have as much fun as I did. :) I do post everything on the COMO Facebook page but I can also make DVDs and prints if anyone wants any. It will take me awhile to get the video done for almost everything. I have hours and hours of Video from this year and I will be working on it all in the next few months.

    Winter is a great time to get that project done so your Mini will be on the road for next year. Also a great time to upgrade your Mini so its just that much better. If anyone needs anything just ask. Now I don't have time to rebuild a car but I can help with other stuff on the car.

    I hope to see most of you there at Tommy's and I understand if there aren't any Minis. There is Salt already on the road, seems early this year. Anyway come hang out and show up whenever you can. People are normally there from 6:30 to 9pm


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    Thanks Jason. I'm going to try to make it.
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    Thanks for the update Jason. :Thumbsup:

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