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    I didn't document the whole thing as I was feeling like 8 different types of ass this day, but everything was prepped, I had company from VAD coming over, and already here, so I had to make it. From what I understand, it came out well(I didn't eat).

    Marinated sirloin tips, dredged in flour, browned n a saute pan. Into the stew pot on a bed of WELL caramelized onions, added 4 bay leafs, 3 sprigs of rosemary, about half a clove of garlic. 3/4 of a bottle of decent Red, I used Seven Deadly Zin, let it reduce down by about 1/2, then re-hydrate with some good beef stock. . . or canned/boxed, whatever you have.

    My adaptation of Beef Bourguignon. . . NO Mushrooms ( I don't care for them), didn't have Pearl Onions so I caramelized my own Maui Sweets . I used Diced Tomatoes for some richness and filler, while everything stewed down. Redskin Mashed Potatoes. The Garlic and rosemary were enough to where the potatoes were just a substrate for all of the richness.


    The Meat: Fork tender, rich and melt in your mouth. The carrots, still with some crunch. The sauce, the "gravy" alone is worth making this dish. Leftovers over a piece of toasted white bread, and a sunny side up egg makes for a GREAT breakfast. . . so long as you want to go back to bed for a bit.

    Any questions on this one, just ask. Sorry for it not being a more thorough post.

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