M7 Daily featured product: R56 Under Strut System

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    M7 Under Strut System (R56)

    The M7 R56 Under Strut System (USS) features 3 sections of bracing (2 for the front, 1 for the rear) that will connect and triangulate the bottom of the vehicle for greatly improved chassis stiffness. This improved stiffness will give the MINI better turn-in capability allowing the car to rotate into the corners with ease, and also greatly reduce under-steer.

    The M7 Under Strut System is made of extruded and CNC machined aluminum that comes in a black anodized finish that’s durable and designed to prevent chipping and corrosion. Stainless steel fasteners and necessary tools for nut insert installation are all included! Coupled with the Rear Chassis Brace, the M7 R56 USS is great for those looking for increased chassis stiffness without losing cabin space with a roll cage.

    TO learn more about our Under Strut System please visit us at:
    M7: MINI Cooper Performance Parts

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