M7 Used Prototype Rear Lower Diffuser Tunnels R53 or R56 Rear Lower JCW Aero Kit

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    **REDUCED** M7 Used Prototype Rear Lower Diffuser Tunnels R53or R56 Rear Lower JCW Aero Kit Diffuser Tunnels.
    R53/R56 these M7 Rear Lower Diffuser Tunnels are fiberglass, the rear lower diffuser system looks aggressive. The theory from Webb motorsports and the Group4 Autosport and M7 about rear lower diffusers, the short of it, is to smooth the air flow, as the air passes under the car, The idea is to straighten the air flow, less turbulence to create more speed, according to M7 the diffuser tunnels redirect the high speed air flow under the car to transition smoothly into the low pressure vacuum created at the rear of the car as it moves forward. Smoothening out the air flow under the car helps to reduce drag on the vehicle while also increasing down force.
    Two tunnels
    Two smaller diffuser parts (located by the rear control arms)
    Aluminum wing
    Airtab Vortex Generators

    The diffuser tunnels attach to your vehicle by two different methods one is with special brackets that utilize pre-existing mounting locations as well as the rear bumper. The other by drilling rivnuts The hardware is not included, but probably could be ordered from M7 or fabricated. This can be installed on the R53 or R56.
    This Unit is one of the Prototype testing units, that was used on track vehicle for M7. It was used to develop the current production units, it has the aluminum silver wing is pre-production prototype that connect both tunnels (can be painted or anodized) NOT available on the current production unit. It also has the Airtab Vortex Generators seen in some images floating around the internet and are NOT the final production version. They can be removed if desired.
    For the R53, installation on the R53 requires a custom straight-back exhaust, relocation of the battery, and removal of the battery box. Some of the rear heat shielding will also have to be cut. A bit of work, but worth the result. For the R56, are designed to fit on the rear JCW bumper. Less work, but also worth the result. Retails New $649-$699 Plus shipping . This used prototype from M7 testing, in good condition for WAS $300 NOW $250 shipping $50. (in CONUS USA Only) Paypal Only.

    M7: MINI Cooper Performance Parts
    M7: MINI Cooper Performance Parts

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