Engine Drivetrain 2nd Gen MCS 2009, hybrid turbo upgrade

Discussion in 'Tuning and Performance' started by knoteasy25, Mar 7, 2013.

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    I have a stock MCS auto 2009. The turbo just baked and seized. I'm going to remove the CAT (part of the cause) and have the turbo rebuilt.
    If I go with the hybrid k3/k4 turbo do you guys think I will be in danger of damaging the car if I leave the car bone stock with the exception of the CAT delete.

    Also without a tune or an intercooler upgrade will I still see an increase in performance?

    Bottom line can I upgrade the turbo and run the car without a tune and any further modifications reliably and safely.
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    :cornut: Smarter people than me will be along shortly but, let's take a crack at this. As I recall the 'hybrid turbo'(intake/exhaust turbo vanes now dissimilar in size) that you speak of is or is similar to the JCW turbo on the 09 and later models. The models have the same inter cooler as the MCS. They do however have a JCW computer tune different from the MCS tune. So MINI upgraded the tune when they upgraded the turbo and you should probably do like wise. I hope that this helps.:Thumbsup:


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