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Discussion in 'Suspension' started by Way Motor Works, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Over the years Megan Racing has expanded their coilover offerings for all the MINIs. It is very common for us to get questions about the quality, ride, how low can they go, and reliability of these Megan Racing Coilovers. So I'd like to have MINI owners that have actually used or installed them on their MINI post here their feedback to help MINI owners that are shopping them.

    Best info to post would be:
    How long you've had them on your MINI?
    How many miles you've had them?
    How you use your MINI?
    How low you have your MINI?
    Do you like them?
    Which Megan Coilover setup you have:
    R50/R52 R53 Megan Coilovers w/camber plates
    R50/52/53 EZ street coilovers
    R55/56/57/58/59 Megan Coilovers w/camber plates
    R55/56/57/58/59 EZ Street Coilovers
    R60/61 Megan Coilovers w/Camber plates
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    Bought from Way, way back in '08. roughly 85,000 miles on them. R52 w/camber plates.
    Car is used as a Daily Driver, atleast a few Auto X events a year, BMW Center Events, Phil Wicks once, club runs and both Dragon events the 1st 4-5 years.
    Car is sitting pretty low for a DD, not sure of exact measurement.
    Happy I bought, and still happy with them. The only thing I'd change about them is less adjustment notches. 32 is just way too many. Cut that in half... Not the best CO out there but didn't pay top dollar for them either. Fits my needs well.

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    Also posted on North American Motoring...

    Purchased my Megan Racing Coil-overs from WMW in April of 2012 and installed them that month. I've driven about 18,000 miles on them and generally only use the car as a weekend driver. The coil-overs are the R50/R53 Coil-overs with camber plates.

    The coil-overs, along with other suspension mods on the car, make it a fun car to drive with excellent handling but too hard of a ride for a daily driver, IMO.

    Do I like them? Yes. They are fully adjustable. The ride height is easily adjustable as well as the damper adjustment. With just a little modification to the car (like drilling a small hole in the wheel well), even the rear coil-overs can be adjusted from inside the car. The front coil-overs are adjustable through the top of the strut. Adjusting the camber takes a little work (because of where the locking screws are in relation to the hole in the top of the strut tower) but that's not something I do on a regular or frequent basis. Besides, it's not tracked much so adjusting the camber isn't needed that often.

    If I bought another MINI that I intended to mod it to make it a high performance ride would I put on Megan Racing Coil-overs? The answer is yes. If I intended the car to be a daily driver with a softer ride, I probably wouldn't go with any coil-over setup.

    That's my $0.02.
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    My front top mounts are shot and it has actually caused me a pretty big problem.
    I'm fond of a harsh/stiff ride and would pursue these as they seem to be a pretty good value. I haven't been driving the car but am looking at these in the near future. Any other impressions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. daviday

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    Jan 15, 2014
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    How long you've had them on your MINI? ~ 1 month
    How many miles you've had them? ~1000 miles
    How you use your MINI? Daily
    How low you have your MINI? Stock height, maybe slightly lower.
    Do you like them? Yes!

    I have an r50 with the EZ streets. This is my first suspension modification and for the money, I'm pretty happy. My front strut tower mounts needed replacing and this seemed like the logical solution considering the labor and the miles on the struts. I have the dampening set in the middle as I didn't want to cut anything in the rear to allow for the in car adjustment cables. Part of me wishes I could play with it but I'm not that upset. The height is set at roughly stock. Maybe slightly lower. The car is noticeably more firm and predictable. It took all of that slop from either the factory or the miles out of the car.
    I drive a 2013 S also and that little bit of cushyness is not there anymore. However that little bit of cushyness can make or break it for some people so if this is a modification you're looking to do on a daily I suggest you drive a car with them before you do it. I don't mind it but I can't imagine it being very comfortable for a passenger. Not so sure how much that matters... :wink:
    I'll be replacing every bushing on the car as I get around to it. I'm curious to see how the car reacts after each replacement and I'll be sure to post. Hoping to do the lower control arm bushings with urethane soon and having an alignment done directly afterwards. If there are any other bushings any of you would recommend to have replaced prior to the alignment I appreciate the insight.

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