MINI and Wool and the Gang form close-knit relationship

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    For many years MINI has worked with creative people on a shared mission to set new trends. That’s why the Munich-based carmaker got together with super-cool lifestyle knitting label Wool and the Gang to create a limited run of knitting sets billed the “MINI & Wool and the Gang†kit. The sets are designed for impassioned needle clickers at the top of their game and aspiring protégés alike. Whether you’ve spotted their potential as the perfect gift or are gripped by the urge to knit it yourself, the result – the LULA HOOP scarf in the MINI Countryman paint shade True Blue Metallic – will make an essential addition to any wardrobe this winter.

    In Wool and the Gang, MINI has found a partner that enjoys the backing of a style-oriented fanbase and and a love for trendsetting with their chunky yarns. With its rekindling of the knitting tradition, the label triggered a wave of hype that soon grew into a worldwide trend. Now knitting is a must-do pastime for people of all ages. And what better time to get clicking than when the weather turns chilly. The MINI/Wool and the Gang cooperation builds on various shared experiences from the recent past. For example, the MINI Countryman Open Air event in 2010 gave guests from the London scene an early chance to test-twiddle Wool and the Gang knitting needles.


    In the MINI loop.

    In true Wool and the Gang style, the knitting kit is delivered in a black paper bag. Inside are two balls of 100 per cent Peruvian “crazy sexy woolâ€, one pair of 15 mm knitting needles, a sewing needle, care instructions and, of course, a loop pattern – in this case labelled “Beginnerâ€. The exclusive character of the scarf is headlined by the special sew-on badge bearing the MINI / Wool and the Gang cooperation’s logo.

    The highlight of the ultra-limited-edition knitting set is the colour of the wool: True Blue Metallic is a deep shade of blue only available for the MINI Countryman, and it can be relied on to turn heads on the street as only MINI can.

    The MINI & Wool and the Gang kit retails at €75.00 and will go on sale from the Wool and the Gang online shop on 1 October 2012.

    Wool and the Gang, the label.

    Wool and the Gang was founded in 2008 and, fuelled by its colourful knitting sets and inspirational patterns, promptly masterminded an ever-so-cool comeback for this time-honoured skill. Together with their creative team, the label’ founders Lisa Sabrier from Switzerland offer visitors to their online shop a wide selection of clothing and accessories tailored to current and seasonal trends.

    The range includes a ready-to-wear collection – which, as the name suggests, is delivered with the knitting part of the deal already done – and do-it-yourself sets catering to varying skill levels. Whichever set the customer selects, they will find only Peruvian alpaca wool inside the bag.

    Whether you’re looking for scarves, dresses, cardigans, ties or bags, Wool and the Gang embodies timeless yet contemporary fashion, brings out the creative side in its customers and quenches the thirst for greater individuality.

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