MINI car show at the Ranch in Loveland. Sept 28th

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    Saturday the 28th of September, this is a free show, doing this with Brian, he is wanting a lot of Colorado MINI folks to come out and support the Cooper5k, the MINI car show and enjoy.

    This is a free car show.

    Folks who see this here should probably go like is community page on FB and join his event if you are interested in showing your MINI. ( :) :) )

    This is from Brian Dallas, he admins the MOL FB page and the newest Northern Colorado MINI group on FB, called MINIS of the Rocky Mountains, ""

    This is at the Ranch in Loveland, see Brian's FB page for details, sign up here if so he can get a count of participants from MINI5280.

    Show is from 9AM to 1PM.

    This the posting for the car show supporting the Cooper 5K, this will be posted in the MINI5280 of NAM & other places.

    Calling all Rocky Mountain MINI owners. I am putting together a MINI Car Showcase to be held on 9/28 at the Ranch Events Center in Loveland, CO. This will be to help raise money for a little boy named Cooper who has been affected with Kawasaki's disease.

    On this same day at the Ranch, his family is holding a 5k fun run with all proceeds going to the Kawasaki Heart Foundation.

    Come on and shine up your MINIS and help raise money for a great kid and a great cause.

    For more information on Cooper and this dreadful disease please take a look at their FB page

    Good event, Brian and I hope to see a lot of MINIs in the no-cost car show supporting the cause. Don S. (El Prez)!
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    Teena and I will be showing RUDEBOX at this show.

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