MINI Cooper Adjustable Short Shifter By CRAVEN Speed

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    Make everyday driving less everyday with the only shifter that adjusts at Your request

    The Adjustable Shifter from Craven Speed is the only short shifter that gives you the option to set and re-set the shift length and height at ANY TIME. Just as quickly as you can adjust the seat or mirrors, you can change the feel of this shifter. A locking collar sits near the base of the shifter and requires only a twist before the height and throw can be adjusted to your liking.




    For more information about this product please visit this link:
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    Ummmm you know who else sells these? CRAVEN

    They have been an M/A sponsor since 2009. :Thumbsup:

    You know when M/A was first launched. :ihih::lol:

    Why would anyone buy from a reseller when I can buy directly from CRAVEN.

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