MINI Event/Meet at Sebring, Oct. 6-7 (NASA)

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    Just in case there are any M/A Members in the SouthEast looking for a good time to get down to Sebring for a track day!


    MINI Event/Meet at Sebring International Raceway on October 6-7! NASA Florida Region is putting on a Track Day and Auto-X that weekend, and we're tired of seeing only a couple other MINIs at these events! Registration opened Aug. 6, and we're working with the overall organizer to answer any questions and make this a great MINI Event. More details to follow!

    What makes this NASA Event great is that it has something for EVERYONE. For those who want to experience the historic Sebring International Raceway and drive your car as hard and fast as you are comfortable, you've got a couple options:

    High Performance Driving Event (HDPE): Separate groups for first-timers up to people with years of experience
    Hyperdrive: A single 20-minute session with the HDPE-1 (beginners) group to get your feet wet (it's much cheaper than the whole weekend, as well)

    Also, for those who don't want to drive the HPDE or Hyperdrive, there's an Auto-X event on Sunday and an Auto-X school on Saturday! Myself and another SSM member, theging, represented MINI well at the last event, coming in 1st and 2nd in our respective classes!

    Finally, for those who don't want to drive the HPDE or the Auto-X, spectators are free to enter and have free range of the paddock and can watch all the events. Additionally, depending on the desires of those that sign up, we can organize dinner(s), car show, etc.

    If anyone has ANY questions, whatsoever, please feel free to send me a PM or ask a question here on the forum. And just to answer a very common question: No, you don't have to have a heavily modified JCW to have an absolute blast at this event. More to come on that soon.

    Here's where we need your help... we don't have a name for this event, as you can see on the 'flyer'! So, let's hear some event name ideas! Oh, and get registered to drive your MINI like it was meant to be driven! Oh, and any comments, questions, concerns, ideas... please post them! The more input, the better.

    Here's the link to the NASA registration/info Page:

    NASA Florida Region 2012 &raquo Sebring Events

    Also, for anyone considering the full track day (HPDE), there are a limited number of $75 discount codes for new members if you email the director, Jon Felton, whose info is on that page.

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