Mini Night with Paddy Hopkirk Golden Jubilee Celebration

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    Team TWINI will have some tickets for the Paddy Hopkirk Golden Jubilee Celebration at the Candy Store in Burlingame on Saturday evening, April 12th. Candy Store Members have first dibs, but there will be some room left at the table. We don't know how many tickets we'll have yet, so get your name on the Wait List now. You must be a Motorsports fan with an an appreciation of Mini Cooper history. Paddy and the lads would love to meet you there!

    PADDY HOPKIRK, winner of the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally in a Mini Cooper S Works rally car
    MIKE KEARNEY, owner, Fortech MINI, 5 time SCCA Nat. Champ.
    DOUG PETERSON, driver of the Fortech Mini
    DAVE VODDEN, CEO, Thunderhill Raceway
    JACQUES ANDRES, designer/builder/owner/driver of TWINI

    CARS: See a replica of Paddy's winning Mini Works car, the Fortech Mini, TWINI, the twin engine MINI Cooper enduro car, and The Candy Store Collection.

    Dress: Business attire

    Menu: Your choice of New York cut Angus beef, Salmon with lemon dill sauce or vegetarian Portobello mushroom cous cous

    Price $125 a plate.

    To get on the Wait List, please contact Norm Nelson of Team TWINI: [email protected]

    Jacques Andres, Oakland, CA, Owner Clean Green Collision and Bay Bridge Bimmers and Minis. Owner/designer/builder/driver of TWINI
    Chris Knox, Brighton, UK, Driver
    Eric Rocha, Oakland, CA, Master electrician
    Jerry Bradbury, Reno, NV, Team Manager
    Norm Nelson, Redding, CA, Media and Public Relations
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    If you are interested inn attending please drop me an email and I can add your name to the list. As soon as we know how many seats we have we will lte you know. Thanks Norm [email protected]
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    Excellent event with Paddy Hopkirk

    This was an excellent event with everyone having a chance to spend some time with Paddy Hopkirk in addition to being able to examine all the interesting cars on display in great company. The dinner was very good and the post-dinner presentations were on subject and interesting. Paddy did a very informative presentation about the Mini rallying and what he's been doing since. If you get a similar opportunity, don't miss it! :Thumbsup:
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    I too heard great things about this evening. Thanks to my buddys Steve and Doug for landing a couple of autographs for me!!

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