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    This thread is dedicated to news and information regarding the new MINI of Des Moines that will be opening this coming December at the Willis Auto Campus.

    First things first: All Iowa MINI enthusiasts are being invited to their annual campus-wide customer party being held on Tuesday, October 19th. Willis will be showing off many of their 2011 Lexus, Infiniti, Land Rover, Cadillac, Volvo, Jaguar, and MINI models so it will be a very diverse group of attendees.

    There are some special perks planned for the MINI folk. :Thumbsup: Plan on arriving at 4:00 pm where you will be ushered to a special, dedicated parking area just for the MINIs. From there you will enjoy a special preview of the new MINI facility being developed in the former Saturn space. The regular customer party begins at 4:45 pm and runs until 7:30 pm. The complimentary libations and snacks are typically pretty good too. :ihih:

    Current plans are to have three of the new 2011 model year MINIs on hand for your inspection.

    You will be able to track future MINI of Des Moines updates the MINI News link on the Willis Auto Campus website:

    Willis Auto Campus in Des Moines, IA - MINI COOPER

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