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Discussion in 'Future MINIs' started by Nathan, Aug 28, 2009.

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    A quick witted visitor managed to grab a snap of the poster you see above at a MINI 50th private party, which at least proves that the MINI Speedster is coming to the party in Frankfurt next month.

    Just like its tin-top sibling, the MINI Roadster (I know, we keep alternating between ‘Speedster’ and ‘Roadster’, but that’s because we’re still not certain which it will be, even if the poster says Roadster we did originally think it would be the MINI Speedster!) will be based on the underpinnings of the MINI JCW, which is good for over 200bhp. And, just like its tin-top sibling, it’s likely to cost a good £30k if – or when – it makes it in to production in 2011.

    We guess BMW had wanted to keep the Roadster as more of a surprise than the Coupe, but now the cat’s out of the bag we may get more information ahead of Frankfurt.
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    I would like to see this a reality

    only it needs RWD and 300 hp ;)

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