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    Updated information for MINI Thunder VIII

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    Updating as it looks like the Pic in the previous post is no longer working.

    Mini Thunder VIII 2017 is scheduled for Sunday February 19, 2017. Looks like a great event, anyone going? Below is the information.


    Mini Thunder VIII
    Mini Thunder VIII at Thunderhill Raceway – Sunday February 19, 2017
    Mini Thunder VIIIPresented by Stormin’ Norman Nelson and Hooked On Driving

    Hooked On Driving (HOD) and fellow Miniologist Norm Nelson have joined forces for this awesome Mini Thunder XIII – Mini Cooper event taking place at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, California. Niello MINI is the primary sponsor for this event.

    Saturday NIGHT, February 18, 2017 – CASINO NIGHT!
    Come on out Saturday night and have a blast! Enjoy the festivities we are planning!!! Casino Night and the opportunity to “win†items from our sponsors. You will be able to purchase dinner for you and your guests on our website for $25 per person. Check out our sponsor products. Join Team HOD for additional member benefits.

    They will be providing a list of approved Mini dealers and Mini repair shops from Los Angles to Oregon for you to get a free inspection before heading to the track and letting your Mini run wild !!!

    Sunday DAY, February 19, 2017 – MINI THUNDER!
    This will be the standard HOD day, with some nuances. Four run groups include:

    A – Beginner, with coaching available.
    B – Intermediate
    C – Advanced with Point-by required and
    D – Advanced with no point bys.

    In addition, there will be sessions throughout the day for those that want to get a “Taste of the Track†to go out with a coach for some hot laps.

    Lunch for the driver is included in the registration, and additional lunches can be purchased on site. We will also have helmets available for rent. Additional T-shirts will be $20.

    niello-mini-2016Family members, friends, or buddies who won’t be hitting the track can come enjoy the day for FREE, sit in the grandstands, look at some great cool cars (classic Minis and new MINIs both!), buckle in for a hot lap around the track with one of the coaches, and chat it up with your fellow motoring enthusiasts!

    This year, participants can register directly through the Hooked On Driving website. If you don’t have an HOD account yet, don’t worry, sign up super easy — pick a user name, password, and enter your email, done!

    The package price for this event — at less than $250 — is an unheard of deal. Most HDPE with this level of engagement, instruction, and track time go for around $400 these days. Take it from all of us here at Miniology, the memories and experience are worth every penny!

    For more information, contact Teri Barrett at [email protected] or call 707-495-0374.

    About HOD High Performance Professional Driving Schools
    Hooked On Driving is a leading provider of performance driving programs, commonly known as an high performance driving experience (HPDE), or high performance driving school (HPDS). These programs are run on Track Days, at regional tracks such as Thunderhill Raceway, Laguna Seca, Reno-Fernley, Pocono, Autobahn Country club, and many others. Visit their website for a complete list of Track day venues. We give drivers of high performance cars and sports cars the opportunity to drive their cars on a race track. During the first sessions a coach will ride in the passenger seat, and teach the driver high performance driving techniques. All new drivers need to participate is a helmet (available rentals), and an inspection to be sure their car is roadworthy. Beginners are given a thorough briefing and are introduced to their coach before they drive their car on the track. The initial “A Group†for beginning HPDE drivers, teaches smoothness, awareness, and driving a proper, safe and efficient line on track. A priority is also placed on learning basic car control skills such as late braking, proper shifting and understanding the concept of the apex of a turn. While A group has significant passing restrictions to maintain a conservative pace, the B – Intermediate, C – Advanced, and D – Race-prepped groups have progressively more flexible passing rules and advanced level coaching. There is NEVER any competition — wheel to wheel or timed laps — in our programs. Hooked on Driving HPDE Programs are safe experiences for all, an enjoyable time for every driver — and to assure that our drivers come away with much more confidence in handling their car in an emergency situation. Hooked On Drivin customers frequently are heard saying that they’ve had, “The time of their lives!â€.
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    The information above is from Miniology.. here is the direct link to the event:

    Thunderhill Raceway
    Minis...and Friends of all Marques
    Saturday - February 18, 2017
    Welcome Minis who want to do the two days of fun - and practice up for "Mini Thunder," this day is for all the great car makes that make the world go 'round....You have a Mini? You won't be in the minority! You have a Morris, Mercury, Mazda, Mopar, Milano, Montego, Muscle Car, cayMan, M2,3,4,5,6, Mustang, caMaro, OK, OK...enough! Folks - run what you brung!! It should be a fun day for all and we welcome those coming from out of the area to drive with HOD and the Mini Thunder day on Sunday...All welcome - four run groups - see you there!

    Note: We run rain or shine, short of full torrential downfall with workers in peril...and it is a HOOT to drive Thunderhill when it's wet!


    A - Beginner w/tuition - $349.00 - AVAILABLE
    B - Intermediate - $299.00 - AVAILABLE
    C - Advanced/Point By Required - $299.00 - AVAILABLE
    D - Advanced/Open Passing - $299.00 - AVAILABLE
    X - Coaches/Leaders - AVAILABLE

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