MINI Thunder IV Spectators & Guests Welcome

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    We welcome all MINI owners, Mini enthusiasts and potential Mini enthusiasts
    For those of you that are contemplating registering for MINI Thunder IV, but just can’t make up your mind and those that wonder just what is there to do if I come out as a spectator or just want to know what all the fuss is about. Here is what there is do and see;
    Free entry to Thunderhill Raceway Park, just 7 minutes west off I-5 in SR-162 in Willows for all MINI/Mini owners, Mini enthusiasts, and potential Mini enthusiasts..
    Free parade Laps at lunch where you can drive your own Mini around Thunderhill’s 3 mile – 15 turn racing circuit. Dito Milan, famed Motorsports Photographer will be taking photos of all the Minis on track and you can check out the photos at the trailer in the paddock if you wish to purchase any photos. There will also be MINI media there covering our event;, Motorwerks Magazine, and MC2 Magazine just to name a few.
    Be included in the Group Photo under start finish on the main straight with all the other Minis.
    Take Demo Rides with instructors, coaches, and celebrity drivers “at speed†with them to experience the real feel around the track. Helmets are provided.
    Stroll the pit & paddock and mingle with the drivers, coaches, get an up close view of some of the best modified Minis in the US, visit with vendors and sponsors.
    Walk the grounds around Thunderhill and get views and photos from various points along the course, or grab a seat in the grandstands to watch your favorite Mini go by.
    Watch and enjoy the Horse Power Competition as MCE Racing puts Minis on his portable dyno in the paddock and revs them up. Top three Minis with the highest HP will get giant trophies
    Sit in on the classroom session as the drivers get critiqued on their last sessions and instructors teach various driving techniques like heel & toe, trail braking, setting up for apexes, and exit speeds.
    MINI USA will have some very cool new MINI models on display, including the new GPII and other surprises.
    Stop by Big O Tires who will have a crew there to provide complimentary wheel and tire service throughout the day.
    Visit with many of the performance shops that will be there. See what “mods†might be best for you.
    Visit the Thunderhill “Mini Mart†Souvenir Shop and pick up some cool racing swag and memorabilia.
    The Thunderhill Grill will be open all day with food services.
    Free WiFi available in the clubhouse.
    All of this is FREE to the Mini spectator.
    For the Mini Motoring enthusiast that hasn’t yet decided this is right for him/her, you will get a first hand view of what it is all about, then you can make your decision for next year. BUT, you can enter now, avoid the delay, and cross one thing off your bucket list.

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