MINI UK Launches 10th Anniversary site

Discussion in 'MINI' started by Nathan, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Since the newly-redesigned MINI Cooper hit the U.K. market in the summer of 2001, over 333,000 buyers in Britain have bought one of BMW's retro-classics. Owners have racked up 15 billion miles on roads throughout the U.K., which is enough to circle the earth 600,000 times. Or go out into space.

    Space, then, is the theme for MINI’s tenth birthday bash for it’s U.K. customer base. By signing up to be a “lunatic†on MINI’s website, then entering your car and its accumulated mileage, you can dock to the MINI “space stationâ€. Some will be lucky enough to dock their cars on a hidden prize, and the select few who’ve driven their MINI the equivalent distance to the moon (252,000 miles) can register to win commemorative MINI swag.

    MINI drivers who enter are eligible for the grand prize, which is a trip for four to Cape Canaveral, FL. To win, you’ve got to find seven hidden words placed throughout the MINI Lunatics website, then click on the moon to enter. Along the way you can click on space debris to lean fun facts like , “in space, no one can hear you honk.â€

    There’s nowhere near 333,000 MINI owners signed up yet, so if you live in the U.K. and drive a MINI, give the site a look. You may just win a trip to Florida, and who wouldn’t want to escape a British winter for some beach.

    MINI Lunatics
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    Hah, with my milage, I can't even make it to the launch pad.....:D
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    But you could find all the missing words, just like the "key". :D

    Cool, MINI and MOTD are turning "10". :Thumbsup:


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