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    MINIPassion - MINI Car Club Turkey is organizing a "EU Tour" so called ; "MINIPassion Takes The Europe". The tour will be from June 11th to June 22nd concerning 8 Countries and 10 Cities. They are contact with some MINI Clubs and local MINI Dealers which are on the way that will be welcoming us.

    We will be more than happy if any of the MINI Clubs would like to join us or have a meeting on our pinpoints.

    Here are the dates and places MINIPassion will be stopping;

    11.06.2014- Munich, Germany
    12.06.2014- Stuttgart, Germany
    13.06.2014-14.06.2014-Nürburgring, Germany
    15.06.2014- Amsterdam, Nederland
    16.06.2014- Brugge, Belgium
    17.06.2014-18.06.2014- Paris, France
    19.06.2014- Geneva, Switzerland
    20.06.2014- Milano, Italy
    21.06.2014- Venetian, Italy


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