Minis, DIY Mods, Mail Order and Money Pits

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    First IMO; 1.) The majority of cars one ever buys are money pits; you put more in than you ever get out, 2.) Minis can be even deeper money pits, 3.) Mods mean you are generally throwing more money down the pit, and, 4.) Mail order tunes carry can both benefits and detriments. I am now an example of all four of the preceding, but, I am also of the opinion that the gain will be worth the pain.

    Being able to turn wrenches, as well as make do with working out of my garage (which means I do enough deep knee bends, sit-ups and squat thrusts along with standing/sitting/contorting my body as I do not have a lift to be a little stiff and sore the next day), I chose the DIY Mod Path. Put a Dominator Cam, some 450 injectors and a RMW tune in my JCW (no I did not put a header on, that is another story). Currently working on a code issue that is driving me crazy so in turn RMW just loves to see my name or number pop up on their email list or phone. I am confident the code issue will be solved and in between the times when the Mini becomes a Allis Chalmers corn popper, the power in the car is just pretty sweet. Figure I gotta be pushing close to 240 BHP. Even with the stock exhaust I believe the cam has added enough decibels that the little mini is now a little monster as it does scream. I stepped on the peddle yesterday, was already going around 15 mph in 1st gear and at first I thought there was another code hiccup around 5500/6000 RMP but then realized the ATS was not turned off and the wheel spin caused a throttle shut down. Now I had two Corvettes so I know a little about wheel spin and with two API s2000's know a little about a screaming engine, but to have a Mini do both, well just have to repeat a previous "pretty sweet".

    Going down this path with the JCW and also having a past regular R53 I would have no issues taking a Gen1 S and: 1.) Not buy a header but rather take the money and buy a better cat back system and some of the next items, 2.) Put a pulley on, 3) Go with a street cam, 4.) 380 injectors (I will be posting mine for sale shortly), and 5.) A mail order tune by Jan.

    If you can turn a wrench, and willing to drop around $2,000 (+/- depending on the cat back you buy) you will have a nice little screaming monster. Must remember that the mail order tune takes more time and you will go on the word of the tuner on how much HP you have as there will be no dyno. I went with a reputable tuner, Jan at RMW, that knows his stuff but is busy so it takes a day not a minute for a response. I don't have a modern phone, yes an anachronism, so I get antsy but can live with a day. If you are instant messenger type person, do not drink any coffee and stay away from other stressful situations.
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    Yup JAN / RMW knows MINI's and I have been a very satisfied customer for many years.

    JAN also offers custom dyno tunes if you are near a dyno. He also has tune days (week) like the one he has at Helix in Philly every year.

    Nothing like having JAN tune your car right on the dyno shop. :thumbsup:

    That why is mailed tunes are so good, he has been tuning MINI's for years and has seen everything and tuned it.
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    I need more money
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    Don't we all.....:lol:
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    +3 :thumbsup:

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