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    Mission Statement

    The purpose of Thumper Performance is to build or modify products that will benefit those looking for power gains, whether aggressive or moderate. Street , Strip, or Track applications.

    With the experience of 40 years of Drag racing, Engine building and Cylinder Head enhancement. Actual Knowledge thru applications gathered from many different personal locations in the United States, From many different points of view and Peoples experiences. Proven Performance testing and real world results made on my own engines and cars.

    My mission is to allow this modified equipment to be placed on the average enthusiasts projects, at a reasonable price. Have Their experience passed to others for the use of real world gains and benefits. Thus having true unbiased, actual results and experiences of many, rather than just a few or just mine!

    My platform ( 2006 r53) is used to build, performance test on the streets, followed up with Dyno runs for the power gain numbers per modification. AFTER 40+ years of actual experience, I no LONGER feel need to modify a chassis for the specific Drag Strip. I do NOT Track my Car, or have it modified to pass the specific Track rules. It is made for the average once in a while down the strip or on the track as a novice or Club day outing. It is used as my aggressive dailey driver.

    I am no longer interested in breaking records or having my own Testimonies thru my products and parts..

    It is YOU, the average Driver, Or the Drag Racer, or the Track Racer with my product, that is now setting the records and establishing the testimonies. As it should be!!

    Any questions an actual experience from myself or my customers will always be provided if asked for. I will always suggest, thru actual experience, the closest combination to your application for performance needs.

    Email : [email protected]
    Thumper Performance | The OTHER MINI Head!

    Thanks MA


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