MITM4 Welcomes it's Vendors and Sponsors

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    No event of this type could be conducted without the help of a wide variety of vendors, sponsors and supporters. This year we are pleased to recognize our continuing vendors and sponsors and those who are new to MITM4. We want to thank:

    • Ralph Schomp MINI - Without whose support this event would never happen. We deeply appreciate the Ralph Schomp Pit Stop (factory techs on site to help with basic maintenance issues) as well as the Ralph Schomp MINI Parts Store (for tools, supplies, swag and more, right on site) Ralph Schomp MINI is a Denver MINI dealer and a new car and used car Denver Colorado MINI dealership.
    • Detailers Paradise - As always, Heather and Nick will be providing the popular Car Wash and Detail Station at MITM4. Open 12 hrs a day, DP allows us all to keep our MINIs running smooth and clean
    • ShowCarDetailing - Richard Lin always pleases the crowd with his tips and techniques, and we appreciate his help and support of the community ShowCarDetailing
    • AmericanMINIMates - Doug Travis returns again with his All-Star cast to provide us with the fun and cool swag and stuff that AMM is known for. Check it out at
    • Twisty Bitz - Returning to MITM4 with the greatest selection of swag and cool stuff that you have ever seen.
    • Way Motor Works - Waylon does a great job of making our cars go fast. Returning again this year, be sure to get on his install schedule Way Motor Works
    • Whalen Shift Machine - Doug Whalen comes to Colorado yet again, this time with the new 50th Anniversary Shift Machines, and two free ones to give away Whalen Shift Machine - Custom Shifters
    • DOS Defenders of Speed - Clint Cope brings his magical under-hood tricks back to MITM yet again. Be sure to get on Clint's install schedule so you can get your time! Defenders of Speed
    • Langka - For all your paint and paint care needs, Langka has provided quite a number of tools that will end up in your hands LANGKA Paint Chip and Scratch Repair
    • MINIFINI - Bringing out the full complement of sport links, cup links, and other links for your car. Call ahead for an install time. Mini-Fini designer of Mini-Cooper accessories: Home

    Be sure to contact your vendors for install times as these time slots fill up fast!


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