MM 2016 October 21-23

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    I see posted on the site as well as their FB page the dates of Oct 21-23 for Mickey and Mini 2016. It's looks like base camp is the Coronado Springs Resort and they indicate a room rate of 119.00/night which is a bargain around Disney. Unfortunately, that's about all the info they have posted. I'm a new Mini owner and live in the area. Probably check it out. Anyone been before? Do you call resort to book a room or is it part of registration for event?


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    I've been for the last few years. Nice event. Great to see so many Mini's in one place.
    Watch the site, or maybe the Sunshine Minis forum (that's been pretty dead lately, tho), for announcement of when/how to register/book rooms.
    You book the rooms directly with the resort, but need to wait until they get the group booking set up to get the event price.
    Registration for the event is thru the site, separate from the room booking, and you can order T-shirts, etc for pickup when you arrive.

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