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    Ever wanted one of the really nifty signature banners for MOTD?

    COOPERation has again created a full set of MOTD Banners for you to use. You can find them here on the MOTD 8 site.

    Adding one to your sig here on Motoring Alliance is very straightforward.

    1. Visit the Banners page on the MOTD site.

    2. Select the banner desired, right click on the banner and Copy the URL.

    3. Select UserCP from the Main Menu on the left side of all pages here on M/A.

    4. Under the Settings and Options heading select Edit Signature

    5. In the Signature Picture area past the URL of the banner into the option 1 field.

    6. Click on Upload, the screen will refresh and the banner will be displayed.

    7. Next to the banner click on the text "Insert Signature Picture". In the Edit Signature block you will now see the following code:

    8. If desired click on the Preview Signature button. If all is as you desire click on Save Signature.

    Please note that you can also add other text if desired, However do not place anything within the SIGPIC code.

    Thats all there is to it. Sit back and enjoy your new signature.

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