MrDimple joins Motoring Alliance with BIG 3 for 2 Sale

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    It is a pleasure to join Motoring Alliance, what a breath of fresh air. We are here to help fellow members in any way we can.

    To start off this memorable occasion, let me offer a 3 plugs for the price of 2 SALE. An engine drain plug, 1st Gen a M14 and let's say you have a 6 speed Gertrag= 2 ea. M18 H drain plugs. One for the drain plug and one for the fill plug! Yes, you fill the oil to the bottom of the hole but when the vehicle is moving there is all kinds of splashing and cascading of the oil over the fill plug and if a teeny particle even comes close to one of these brutes it will zap it out of the oil for good.

    Peace of mind, mate and on sale besides!
    For this discount please call first 704-320-0700 and then I will tell you to order 2 of a same plug. We are building a new store with more features.
    Thank you for your support!!!!!!!!

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