2nd Gen R59 Roadster My new '13 JCW Roadster docks on 10/3 in CA

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    I'm beyond excited!

    I ordered on 7/27 and it built the first week of Sept. It is aboard the Torino which left port on 9/11.!

    It should arrive in Colorado just in time to celebrate my birthday.

    I've named him "Lugnut" for anyone familiar with Transformers. If not, here is the first paragraph from Wikipedia:

    Lugnut is the strongest of the five main Decepticons, with a sense of absolute loyalty to Megatron to the point of religious fanaticism.[1] Unfortunately, his devotion annoys even Megatron, and is often mocked by the other Decepticons. He also has a rival in Shockwave, who also has loyalty to Megatron equaled and compared to Lugnut's. Though he carries a payload of mega-bombs and can spew liquid napalm with laser-like accuracy, Lugnut much prefers to rip things apart with his bare hands. His trademark attack is called the "Punch of Kill Everything", where he retracts his hand, replacing it with a pressure-sensitive pad before smashing it into the ground to unleash a shock wave with the power of a small nuclear bomb

    Lugnut (Transformers) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Thats fantastic.

    Ya know we want pics when you stop driving it long enough to get a few :D

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