NASCAR Toyota/Save-Mart 350

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    I had the opportunity to go check out my first NASCAR race this last Sunday. While I don't generally flock towards a motorsport that typically goes left and left and left again, this was a road course race and Jeff Gordon's final green flag at Sonoma. That coupled with gobs of horsepower and brightly colored bodies and this was going to be a great day. There was plenty of crashes, plenty of noise, and plenty of speed during the course of the day, and I may have found a new love for a form of racing I had previously overlooked.
    I started thinking about NASCAR and it's standard of oval racing, and I realized just how much strategy goes into it as well as how tough it really is. Yes, they do seem to have a fear of the right hand turn on most courses they run, but the speed at which they go and the stress the drivers endure both physically and mentally has me thinking I may have to give this another shot and really check it out! Anyway, here are a couple pictures from the race. uploadfromtaptalk1435720467200.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1435720493456.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1435720520646.jpg
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    That was one heck of a finish to that race!!
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