Pre Migration New Classifieds System going live on 6/20/13

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    Motoring Alliance is pleased to announce a new Classifieds system has been put in place with a variety of enhancements that benefit buyers and sellers alike.

    For sellers, improvements include:
    • New promotion options help you sell your item faster.
    • A new payment verification tool protects you from fraudulent buyers.
    • A new, simple form makes it easier to create your listing.
    • You can now optionally accept payment on the site for a low payment processing rate of 3%. Listing an item continues to be free.
    • A new design highlights your listing and photos.

    For buyers, improvements include:
    • Purchasing through the site comes with a 14 day buyer protection.
    • All transaction information and communication is encrypted for security.
    • You can buy items with your favorite Visa, Discover, Novus, Cirrus, Maestro or MasterCard.
    • Check out is fast and easy.
    • A customer service team is available to support you.

    Motoring Alliance partnered with Panjo for the enhancements to our marketplace. We have been working with them for weeks to meet our requirements. In the coming weeks you will see continued improvements and enhancements to the marketplace. Panjo helps enthusiasts buy and sell more efficiently, effectively, and securely.

    I’m sure that questions will come up as to how to use the system. While I think it is self-explanatory I am a geek and I know how to use this kind of stuff. Please do post your questions, comments and feedback. They will be addressed and How Do I’s… will be created.

    Thanks to the Beta Team for your help!

    Thanks for your continued support of Motoring Alliance

    Motoring Alliance Classifieds - Powered by Panjo Marketplace
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    Sounds like a really nice system. Thanks for your hard work.

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