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Discussion in 'MINI' started by docv, May 7, 2011.

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    Went to a funeral this afternoon and while I was standing there talking to a friend I looked up just in time to see my MINI rolling down the road. I reached in my pocket to make sure the keys were not left in the car, no they were still in my pocket so why was my car moving, then I realized " oh S**T he hit my car.

    The guy parked behind me had put his in reverse and wham, backed into the rear of mine. Lucky for me I did not set the E brake or the car would not have moved with impact. Minimal damage done only creased the chrome strip across the rear bumper, and believe me I looked very closely, probably damaged the impact absorbing material as well. The offender did give me insurance info so it wont cost me anything but time. Still its aggravating if you know what I mean.....:incazzato:
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    That's a bummer:( I'm sure it will be as good as new soon.


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