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    Got the family a Mini finally. Been working on sorting things out on it and figuring out those little things on it.

    I went back to work for a little over two weeks while I was out ordered the missing tow hook from the tool kit and factory rear rubber floor mats. Still need to get front floor mats.

    I have had a couple of issues I have been trying to get figure out. While I was gone the yellow caution light and check engine light came on. She took it to the auto parts place to get the code read and they could find nothing.

    When I got home from work I took my bluetooth code reader with my phone out and read the code. Then I got out my toughbook and and used the usb code reader. Both came up with P0015 "B" Camshaft Position -Timing Over-Retarded (Bank 1) The yellow caution light was on but not the check engine light at the time. Decided to clear codes and try again. My code reader said the cooper had gone 1325 miles since the codes had been cleared before I cleared it.

    Since then the check engine light has came back on. Then will go away after a time with the yellow caution light still on. Now the check engine light and caution light is both off and everything reads fine.

    Right now I am looking at what I will need to do seeing if it's just a sensor, the timing chain (no death rattle noise so far but watching closely) or the vanos valve causing the problem. It appears the car was upkept very well but I have noticed a few things that it may not of gotten driven a lot in later in it's life.

    Found the start of a rats nest under the battery when I put a new battery in it. While doing a longer inspection under the hood found the orange wire going to the plug at the rear of the engine had been cut in half at one time and about a 3 inch section of black wire had been spliced in with house hold wire nuts. That will be properly fixed here before long. Didn't see any other wire damage. The air cleaner under the hood was new but the cabin air filter had a 2010 date on it full of little stuff. I blew it out good before re installing it. Also found a couple of dirt dobbers nests under the hood next to the engine/trans mounts.

    As far a accessories I plan on getting the matching front mats, I am missing a tool or two more from the tool kit and going to find it and replace it with a original or a equal replacement. Full sized spare with cloth zip up cover on it and keep the space saver spare.

    Later on down the road I will be looking into some N/A performance upgrades. If this car will hold up I see me getting a used S or JCW model for myself later on.

    I have also read that mine is one that is hard to find as it has the N/A engine and the steering wheel paddle shifter for the auto, it was made in Jan of 08.

    [​IMG]20150805_181235 by Safjist Nipnog, on Flickr

    [​IMG]20150805_181223 by Safjist Nipnog, on Flickr

    [​IMG]20150805_181251 by Safjist Nipnog, on Flickr

    [​IMG]20150805_140201 by Safjist Nipnog, on Flickr
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    Welcome, thanks for joining Motoring Alliance, the FUN and Friendly MINI Community.
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    Welcome to the coolest MINI forum on the net............:cool:
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    Welcome to the fun!
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    Welcome to MA!
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    Welcome to M/A! Great looking car!
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    Welcome to Motoring Alliance the onlyest MINI Forum you'll ever need !!

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