New InvisiLens Anti-Reflective Gauge Lenses

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    Hi all,


    Richard Woo (rkw on NAM) had come up with these wonderful anti-reflective gauge lenses and wanted help bringing them to the Mini Community. FES was more than happy to help out!

    These gauge lenses use the very best anti-reflective coatings. Installation is done with simple hand tools.


    Currently the following kits are available:
    1st Gen New Mini with Standard Gauges - $59.95
    1st Gen New Mini with Nav System - $39.95
    1st Gen New Mini with Chrono Pack - $74.95
    2nd Gen New Mini standard tach only - $39.95
    We're working on the Openometer for R57s, just finalizing some dimensions. The central speedo is much more complicated to make because of the buttons and mounting the plastic piece for these, and will be released shortly.

    This is a 2nd Generation anti-reflective coating has much improved performance relative to the ones that Richard sold previously. Those who bought the first gen kits can upgrade for a nominal cost. E-mail [email protected] for details.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Applause! That's a cool product.

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