New Magnetic Grille Badges and Metal Car Badges at Defenders of Speed

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    Jul 16, 2009
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    Hey there, M/A.

    We have some new items at Defenders of Speed in our Motoring Accessories Department.


    Our "MINI GRRRL!" Magnetic Grille Badge is for the ladies that go out on the track and the twisties and kick butt in their MINIs.

    The "Hello!" Magnetic Grille Badge is Sharpie-friendly and is an easy way to let everyone know your MINI's name. (Also available in red.)

    Lastly, our 3 Flags Metal Car Badges are a great way to add some stylish and beautiful hand-enameled accents to your MINI. (This item is available at a discount if you buy two or more.)

    Thanks for checking-out our new Motoring Accessories Department at DoS.


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