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Discussion in 'Starting Line - New Member Introductions' started by Promius, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Promius

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    Dec 11, 2015
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    I think what I actually seek is encouragement?

    I've loved MINI Coopers since about 2003ish. I actually had a little love interest in 2005 that owned a Chili Red Justa. That love interest didn't work out, but my love for the MINI got stronger.

    I lived in Columbus, OH for about 10 years and moved back to NYC in 2010. So I sold my old 1991 Nissan Maxima Stick Shift. Last year moved north to Yonkers. It has gotten to the point where owning a car will benefit me and my partner a lot. And I think its about damn time I get a MINI. I got pre-approved for a car loan from my bank and that kinda opened the flood gates in my brain and all I think about is a MINI Cooper. I think I saw like 20 today in Manhattan .

    I've been trying to justify to myself if any car would be good for me right now. Like I've paid over $900 in car rentals this year (My partner spent $500 in just one month!!), over $1K in cabs. While money isn't everything, time is. And owning a car would safe a lot of time commuting, and also, having a car would be nice to go grocery shopping. Right now we get groceries delivered and when we rent a car we hit the stores big time.

    Anyways, thinking of getting a gently used 2011-2012 (That's the newest thats on my price range). I would do earlier models too if the mileage and price is right. I've read about the 2006-2010 Timing Chain problem, so keeping my eye on that Timing Chain lawsuit. I could get a simple/inexpensive car but I really want a Mini, and I feel I'm a good point in my life where I feel comfortable with my finances and my abilities to take care of one.

    I'm aiming for a Spring/Early Summer purchase. I keep looking at the MINI USA used car section daily almost. Looking at prices vs mileage vs model year. Would buying from a MINI Dealer be better/safer than buying from another source?

    I guess I should be done typing now. I should get one because I want it. Any words of guidance/links/suggestions are welcomed. I don't want to ask too many questions, cause honestly I don't know what to ask. Help a noob out if you can.

  2. cct1

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    2011-2012 is a good choice. It'll have the N18 engine, a significant step up from the N13 in the R56 MINI lineup, both in performance and reliability. Purchasing from the dealer is going to be pricier and not necessarily safer. Your best bet would be finding what you're looking for here by a respected member OCD on maintenance, but that may take time.

    My favorite year is the 2006--the first generation R53, the bugs were all worked out by then, and I prefer superchargers to turbos. But it will require more maintenance, it's older and parts will need to be replaced to some degree depending on mileage. Your best bet for what you're after is a low mileage 2011 or 2012, with a clean car fax.
  3. Goldsmithy

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    Good choice. Make sure you get all the previous service records and an extended warranty would be a plus. Welcome to MA...the friendly place.
  4. Promius

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    Dec 11, 2015
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    Thanks. I'm being very picky about the MINI I want. Laser Blue/Electric Blue or Dark Grey. I know Electric Blue is on First Gens, but god that color is my favorite. Laser Blue looks nice too. Any of those bright lighter blues are my fav. With a Dark Grey 2nd option.

    I'll check other sources for cars too, thank you.
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    Hola, Guillermo, y Bienvenidos a M/A! :Thumbsup:

    As cct1 says, there are a lot of 2006 R53 out there with low miles and the bugs that plagued the MCSes were pretty much gone by then. I bought a new 2006 in 2006 and then bought another for my wife in 2012 with 26,500 miles on it. Both are supercharged [mine is modded, but hers remains bonestock].

    However, that said, if you are concerned with less chance of mechanical problems [namely costs], go with a 2011-2012. The only problem with going to a MINI dealer, though, is that they will have a higher price and may not be too interested in negotiating. A car with a clean Car Fax is always one to consider, too.

    Just my 2c. Buena suerte!
  6. Nathan

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    Welcome, thanks for joining Motoring Alliance, the FUN and Friendly MINI Community.
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    Welcome to Motoring Alliance and good luck in your search !!
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    Welcome to MA!

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