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Discussion in 'Starting Line - New Member Introductions' started by hal9000, Nov 2, 2009.

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    Nov 2, 2009
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    Like most sane people, I've always wanted a mini. Never got one though; till now and under what have to be considered the best of circumstances.

    My current project (I always have one) is a 1969 bronco. Yesterday I finished up with an axle swap, snapped a photo of the truck and sent it off to a few friends and family members, and that started something unexpected. Five minutes later my father called and said he was at a friend's house who was a fellow gearhead. Anyway, he has a RHD '66 mini "country wagon" that needed a good home and did I want it? Well, twist my arm why don't ya! It's "site unseen" at the moment, but apparently in pretty good shape overall.

    So as soon as I get it home I'll be the proud new papa of a '66 mini that needs brakes and may or may not have an oil pressure problem. It has been started regularly until 3 years ago when the oil pressure didn't come up. I'm hoping its a flaky sending unit, but if there's a known problem that could cause a stored engine to lose oil pressure, please let me know so I don't waste my time diagnosing an issue that isn't there.

    Also, the little bit of research that I've done has said that the countryman (the only thing I can find that's close to the "country wagon" it was described as) were non-import to the USA... Is that true? Any ideas how many are out there? Also, it's supposedly got a hatchback rear door instead of the swinging barn doors that the countryman wagons I've seen have. Is rear door configuration something that varies from car to car?
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    first off welcome!

    I'm def not a gearhead nor a expert on Classic's but let me give you what I know. First off it's very likely that this is a non import. Most MINI's were brought in by individuals and as I understand allot of them came via Australia.
  3. welcome to MA!
    classic minis are always cool :)
    i'd love one for myself.
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    Welcome and congrats on the new acquisition. Be sure to get pics of both it and the Bronco up soon, I'm a huge fan of the '66-'77 Broncos.

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