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Discussion in '2nd Generation: 2007+ R55 through R61' started by HurricaneDave, May 6, 2015.

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    So after several meetups and days of online forum hunting I decided to go with a 205/50/16 summer tire. This should do me well Texas and my move to Georgia in 2 weeks... only problem... cant find more than a handfull of options available in Texas in that size. I had heard that 205/55 would have rubbing issues but there are so many more options available.
    Drove over to my local tire shop (since they know me so well now ;) ) and struck up yet another conversation with the tire guru. We both were very curious as to just how much rubbing a 205/55 would do under my 12' Clubman S. So we mounted one on my 16" rim and threw it on one of the back locations. Hooked up some hydraulic actuators and strapped them to the suspension. Under full load (fully compressed!!!) the tire cleared all around by no more than 1/8". Perfect!!!
    Now on to the front she went. At rest, both hard left and right turn had no clearance issues at all. Hooked up the actuators and put the suspension in full compress and cleared but it was tight.
    Now the fun! Hard left and hard right under full compression...

    Just shy of 1/16" clearance before rubbing the inner felt liner!!

    So in my personal situation (stock suspension and rims) the 205/55/16 is the tallest and widest tire I can fit without fender modification. The new tires fill the wheel wells quite a bit more and stick out a little more than the stock 195/55 did.

    New tires really do make my car feel like a whole new car over the stock RFs!!!

    Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3, 205/55/16 tires in case anyone was wondering. These tires are Sticky for everyday driving with just enough "all-season" grooves to carry the title "all-season". The additional width and softer compound really helped with hooking up and hard cornering as well as a softer more comfortable but still more responsive ride.
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    :cornut: Great, I'm glad that you found Your Tires. My Clubman(2010 used) came with 16in wheels also and I got the 205-50-16 in non RF naturally and 540 hardness rating as I need them to last but they still perform well enough for this 62yo geezer. Mounted on 14lbs(factory light weight wheels are 24lbs each) OZ allegerettes(blue to match the car) the package(wheels and non RF's) lightens the unsprung weight by 70-80lbs tightening the suspension considerably.:Thumbsup:

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    I'm running those (albeit 215/40-18 on JCW rims) and love them. They replaced the pretty nice Pirelli P-Zero RFs that Discount Tire ruined (ruin one, buy me two), which replaced the God-awful runflat OEM 'Tires That Shall Not Be Named'. I dun lopped 'em off.

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