nGauge OBDII Plug-in Analog Output Gauges

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    We have a brand new product in the works for you. Our Complete Gauge Kit for the MINI has been a popular item because the car lacks any instrumentation whatsoever and because the Marshall gauges and our FlexPod look stock, and fit into the car without a hitch. Well, there is one hitch, several hours of professional grade install.

    Not anymore. We are designing gauges from the ground up, and they will read directly from the OBDII port. So the install time for anyone will be in the 15 to 30 minute range from start to complete finish. Instead of a digital reading you'll have a classic analog output with a design that perfectly matches the MINI interior.

    We will have a lot of updates starting this week. Sign up for our nGauge email list. Over the next two weeks leading up to the final release we will be highlighting each portion of what it takes to design a gauge, the materials and processes used, hiccups and all. Those on the email list will get first crack at pre-ordering the limited number of them that will be available before Christmas.

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