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Discussion in 'Feedback, Reviews & Comments' started by Z06_Pilot, Aug 16, 2013.

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    Hi folks,
    *ordered their 22mm rear ASB for my 2013 CMJCW
    *read where some folks had to get spacers from nm due to the bar banging their under carriage. So, before getting the install done, figured I would just get the spacers and install them initially.
    *called Jerry at nm on 8/2/13. Nice guy. said he knew about the issue, send him an email as a reminder and he would ship them that day
    *sent email to nm on 8/2/13 as instructed(the address he gave me is their general mailbox, so I am sure multiple folks see it)
    *sent follow up email on 8/5/13 to ensure he shipped the spacers-no reply
    *sent another email on 8/7/13-no reply.
    *tried calling Jerry-vmail box full
    *sent another email on 8/9/13-no reply
    *cancelled install appointment on 8/12/13 due to no spacers received
    *sent another email on 8/12/13-no reply
    *tried calling Jerry on 8/12/13-vmail box full, can't leave a message.

    I understand that folks can be out of the office, and maybe that's what happened here with Jerry, but this was their primary email address from their homepage that Jerry gave me to use. And you always ensure customers can be serviced, even if you are not there. You direct them elsehwere via your vmail greeting...very simple.

    It's 8/16/13 and still no spacers.

    I already sent back back the bar to outmotoring.com for a refund and received a WMW rear ASB yesterday.

    It's a shame because this episode costs nm a future customer, and cost their retailer, outmotoring, some revenue.....over simple spacers....

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    Sorry to hear of your problems with NM. Personally I've had good experiences with NM (springs, heat shield, CAI). As far as stabilizer bars, control arms and links I stick with Hotchkis/H-Sport. Their bars are one piece, powder coated and come with greats able bushings.
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    Thanks for this post. Like Chkmini, I've done a lot of business with NM and everything has been great. But, a bad experience should be noted.

    In particular, I've had their sway bar and just recently noticed an unexplained banging at the last autox...first time in about 18 months since it was new. I could figure out what the noise was from so this might be it. Not sure what kind of spacers you're talking about...I'll research this...all new to me.

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