official NORCAL vs. SOCAL euro meet 8/28

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    NorCal vs SoCal Euro CARnival 2010 | Facebook

    hey guys and gals! this seems like a great opportunity for the norcal/midcal/socal mini cooper pilots to gather at a huge annual event! it's going to be held at:

    NORCAL vs. SOCAL EURO CARnival MEET 2010

    W Hotel - Silicon Valley
    8200 Gateway Boulevard
    Newark, CA

    August 28, 2010, starting at 9 am.

    I've been a part of the norcal and socal (not so much midcal yet... but i've met a girl in a blue r50 with a british flag on the roof and she was very cool somewhere near solvang) scene and i can say for a fact that the mini cooper crowd is great in all areas. why not use this as the main facilitator for everyone to finally meet, hang out, and show the vw, audi, and the typical euro scene what WE have to offer? who's with me?!
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    I would be. But if I take my wife to another Mini event for her birthday I am afraid that going to these things will be the only social interaction I will have a choice of from then on.

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